The NCS Project

Nitrogen efficient plants for Climate Smart arable cropping systems (NCS)

The NCS project is a new farmer-led research programme, involving 17 industry and research partners and over 200 farmers. Its main aim is to enable UK Farming to bring about a reduction of 1.5Mt CO₂e per annum or 54% of the maximum potential for the industry.

PulsePEP is the farmer-led community for the NCS Project. It’s free for all to join and offers farmers the opportunity of support to carbon-baseline their farm. Click here to join now.

The ambition of the project is to increase pulse and legume cropping in arable rotations to 20% across the UK (currently 5%). In addition, up to 50% of imported soya meal used in livestock feed rations can be replaced with home-grown legumes.

Both of these aims will be steered by science and proven by real farm enterprises, with significant benefits for both crop and livestock productivity, including cost savings of over £1bn/year.

We invite you to explore the background of this project, check out what events you can find us at and join the community of people interested in using pulse crops to reduce carbon emissions in the UK! More information can be found below.