Strategies Leading to Improved Management and Enhanced Resilience against Slugs (SLIMERS)

This project is led by BOFIN, partnered with CHAP, AGRIVATION, Harper Adams University, John Innes Centre, and Small Robot Company. It is funded by Defra Farming Innovation Programme, delivered by Innovate UK.

This is a collaborative project to develop cost-effective digital autonomous slug monitoring, forecasting and precision-treatment tools.

SLIMERS aims to address arable farming’s biggest pest issue that causes £43.5M crop damage/annum for wheat and oilseed rape in the UK and for which there is one form of control – ferric phosphate pellets.

The aim is to develop two commercial services from current proof-of-concept: Patch prediction and precision mapping & autonomous slug treatment using nematodes.

We invite you to explore the background of this project, check out what events you can find us at and join the community of people interested in sustainable slug control! More information can be found below.