Thriving Roots Underpin Total Soil Health (TRUTH) Project Page

Thriving Roots Underpin Total soil Health (TRUTH)

Thriving Roots Underpinning Total soil Health (TRUTH) is a three-year £1M research programme, led by BOFIN alongside four partners. It aims to set up a new farmer-led platform to quantify and evaluate soil/root interactions and explore the capabilities of a novel sensor, that can ‘smell’ a soil’s biological signature.

The Soil Circle is the farmer-led community for the TRUTH Project. It’s free for all to join and offers farmers the opportunity to exchange valuable knowledge. Click here to join now.

This project will deliver two key innovations:

– An in-field soil health sensor, which provides >10 soil health indicators, bringing in the measurement of microbial diversity and fungal:bacterial ratio.

– A farmer-led platform comprising on-farm soil/root health testing tools validated during the project with  ‘Root Rangers’, farmers who are trained to use it to inform SSM practices and to evaluate novel genetics and bioproducts.

We invite you to explore the background of this project, check out what events you can find us at and join the community of people interested in understanding what happens beneath our feet! More information can be found below.