British On-Farm Innovation Network (BOFIN)

Co-create • Share • Progress

A network of farmers who carry out their own on-farm trials and share the results, seeking a scientifically robust way to progress farm practice.

Current projects

  • Slug-resistant wheat
  • Harvest weed-seed control
  • Paper-free farm records
  • Farming Innovation Pathways

Questions and answers

  • What are the benefits of BOFIN?
  • Is there a cost?

Core values

(what all farmers in the network do or strive to do):

  • Co-create – Work with other farmers and also with scientists on what to test on farm and how to conduct trials
  • Share – A two-way exchange of knowledge and ideas, between farmers, with scientists, and with the wider farming community
  • Progress – Striving for results that are scientifically robust and repeatable and that provide reliable pointers to help lift productivity off its current plateau.

Shared values

(how the majority but not all farmers in the network feel on relevant issues. Importantly, those who don’t share these values accept and understand the views of those who do, and vice versa)

  • Innovative biotechnologies – Supportive of new plant-breeding techniques (NPBTs), and generally support moves to treat gene-edited crops as conventional. Many have reservations about GMOs, however.
  • Plant science – believe all UK plant-based research should be encouraged and that UK farms should be involved in this research. Most would be interested in conducting on-farm trials that furthered understanding in this area, working with a scientist.
  • Public funding – generally support farmers being paid public money to conduct on-farm trials as part of an ELM scheme contract. If such an option existed, the majority would seek to be part of it.


Any UK farmer, scientist or farming innovator with an interest in on-farm trials can join BOFIN.
It’s free to join with no obligations.
BOFIN puts you in touch with like-minded farmers
and opens up a world of innovation and co-creation.