Paper-free promise from farmer-friendly app

Farmers looking to take their record-keeping paperless but who baulk at the prospect of software that’s too complex and not designed with their business in mind may like to look at HUSK (

This is a new app that’s been developed by BOFIN member James Hart of BHI Farming, based in Gloucestershire. He’s offering other BOFIN members a free trial of the app, that has just been launched and is still at Beta version.

“Our tractors may be able to steer themselves but to get their performance onto a computer is tedious,” notes James.

“We’re often unable to find the relevant data because it is somewhere out on the farm scribbled on a bit of paper, if it was even recorded at all. So knowing how many hours work to charge on, whether a farm assurance or stewardship record is up to date or simply how many loads of grain have left the farm can turn into a time-consuming task.”

Determined to get a grip on these records and ensure he always had up-to-date data at hand, James introduced a system across the business, originally based on Google Forms. This was developed into an app two years ago that’s been refined and adapted for general farm use.

“You can set HUSK up to record whatever you want – we now have no paper on the farm – and it takes less than an hour’s setup to have all the forms you require,” he says.

“But it doesn’t seek to replace the more complex apps you might use to record spray applications, for instance. This is for simple records that are difficult to record without paper. You can then review all operations and transfer data to another program for analysis and investigation.”

James has received interest in the app from neighbours and members of his local arable study group, so has offered it on a free-of-charge trial basis to BOFIN members – those interested should contact

The intention is to form a knowledge cluster to exchange feedback, tips and ideas on how to use and develop the app.

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