NCS Project On-farm Trials

On-farm Trials

Below you will be able to find information on the trials taking place as part of the NCS project. Take a look and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions.

Year 1

November 2023

At the end of November McArthur Agriculture is set to complete the Faba bean processing trials. The equipment is in place and the final stages of the electrical work are nearing completion. The Faba beans will be dehulled and cleaned via JK Machinery equipment and then either enter an Mecmar electric or oil roaster. Once processed samples of the beans will be nutritionally analysed by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) to determine the benefit of using UK grown Faba beans rather than Soya Bean Meal (SBM).

November 2023

The Agrii winter wheat trials are in the ground and looking well! This trial is located in Bedfordshire in a crop of Crusoe winter wheat. The wheat is following a bean crop and the trial goals are in monitoring the residual nitrogen levels left behind from the bean crop. They will be applying different rates of nitrogen to the plots at various timings. They look forward to using different technologies and digital applications to monitor the trial throughout the coming season!