SLIMERS Project Progress

Project Progress

Below you will be able to find information on how the initial aims and plans of the project along with up to date information on where it is today. Take a look and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions.

Year 1: 1 June 2023 – 1 June 2024

Our Slug Sleuths are almost completely done now with the slug trap monitoring ready for scientists at Harper Adams University and CHAP to take a look at and analyse. This means we are now moving onto the next step within the project… Introducing the SLIMERS AI! Watch the webinar or read the article below to find out more.

We have now recruited all of our Slug Sleuths who are taking part in the trials in Year 1 of the SLIMERS project. With a strong protocol and full-support our farmers and agronomists are managing to monitor 100 slug traps each. To read the details of this project and find out exactly what our Slug Sleuths are up to, click the button below.

With preparations underway for this project, a vital job for our Slug Scouts is to make sure they are sending in all the grey field slugs that they find! The John Innes Centre are hoping for over 2000 slugs in order for great results to come from the feeding trials this year, so if this sounds like a job you can help with, click the button below to receive your Slug Scout pack today!

Project Plans

BOFIN will develop the Slug Circle as the knowledge cluster around this project of those with special interest, including scientists and members of the public who have opted in, share experiences and knowledge and help shape the project. The aim is to achieve a membership of at least 300.

In addition, BOFIN will recruit Slug Sleuths who will be paid to carry out on-farm trials to ground truth and develop the technologies. These farmer members will also be paid to lead communication and dissemination activity to encourage adoption of the commercial services. Click here to get involved! A webinar was held on 15th August at 8:30am to launch this exciting project – it highlighted the protocol details, explained the project aims further, discussed how you can get involved and encouraged good discussions. If you would like a recording of this webinar, please contact for the link.