SLIMERS Press Coverage

SLIMERS Press Coverage

Below you will be able to find all mentions of the SLIMERS project in the press from the past three months. If you are looking for something specific, please contact

Farmers are being called on to help train robots to spot slugs and the damage they cause to arable crops


Farmers needed to help train robots to spot slugs

The Farmer

Agricultural innovators: Pioneering project calls for British farmers to help train robots in slug control

Potato News Today

SLIMERS trial asks farmers to train robots to spot slugs

South West Farmer

‘Train robots to spot slugs’

Potato Review

Farmers called on to help train robots to spot slugs

Farming UK

Multi-million pound slug research project features on BBC News

Tillage & Soils

Robot army is trained to zap away slugs

Female First

Beneficial beetles: The good guys

Crop Production Magazine

Beetles as a bio-control option for slug control in arable crops

Farmers Guide

Harper Adams scientists look for new ways to control slugs

BBC News

New guide shines light on slug behaviour

Crop Production Magazine

Farmer Focus: Trapping slugs, more slugs and beetles

Farmers Weekly

Pioneering farmer-led slug monitoring project underway

Farming Online

Farmers start trials to help develop new precision slug control solutions

Farming UK

UK Gardeners Called On To Collect Slugs – Here’s Why

World News Online

Science needs your slugs

Potato Review