Funding available for big ideas

Farmers are being asked to take part in ambitious research projects designed to bring new, innovative methods of food and energy production and technologies into the field.

Two competitions have been launched under the Farming Innovation Programme, run by Defra and UKRI worth a total of £20.5M. Bids have been invited for projects that will help farms become more productive, environmentally sustainable, and more resilient to the global food security challenges of the future.

BOFIN is looking to be a collaborative partner in one of the projects and is asking members interested in being involved to come forward.

The Farming Futures Research and Development Fund offers £12.5 million to projects valued between £3-6M, lasting up to four years. It will fund large-scale, ambitious, and transformative projects that focus on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions or help the sector adapt to climate change.

Areas where innovation can help include using modern breeding techniques to develop new crops that are better equipped to cope with extreme weather events such as drought, extreme temperatures, or flooding.

The projects must be collaborative and must benefit farmers and growers based in England. The closing date for an Expression of Interest is 18 May.

Large scale

The Large Research and Development Partnership projects launched in October last year and this is the fourth competition which has £8 million available.

The industry-led partnership fund aims to drive forward large-scale research, development and demonstration of solutions to substantially improve the productivity and environmental sustainability of England’s agricultural and horticultural sectors.

Projects must have a significant focus on demonstration and knowledge exchange to enable the commercialisation and adoption of new solutions.

With projects lasting up to four years, the value of each will be £3-5M and again must deliver benefits to farmers and growers based in England. The closing date for full applications is 29 June 2022.

BOFIN has attended the briefing events for both of the two funds and is actively looking to be involved within a consortium to engage a group of BOFIN members interested in testing innovative technologies on farm. Funding for the farmers who take part is available.

Any BOFIN member interested in taking part should email