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The British On-Farm Innovation Network, NIAB and Redekop Manufacturing are looking for farmers to take part in an on-farm trial of harvest weed seed control.

The study is a UKRI and Defra-funded two-year program that will evaluate the effectiveness and long-term benefits of weed seed mills on combines.

Mills such as Redekop’s Seed Control Unit have been proven to kill up to 98% of weed seeds that are exiting the back of the combine. Potential benefits of this include reduced herbicide usage and long-term reduction of weed seeds in the soil profile. It’s an option to control weeds during harvest – a window rarely used in the UK – particularly useful to those with herbicide resistance. It also reduces dependence on glyphosate.

BOFIN is leading a bid for funding for the trial through the UKRI and Defra-funded Farming Innovation Programme. If successful, a number of units will be installed at no cost to the farmer on compatible models of Case IH, John Deere, New Holland and Claas combines. Weed burdens will be closely monitored by NIAB specialists and the farmers involved will share experiences with other farmers in the project and with the wider farming community.

We’re keen to hear from any BOFIN members who’d like to take part in the trial. The deadline for expressions of interest is January 28, 2022.

Most suitable for combating ryegrass or brome grasses, anyone interested should email, stating make and model of your combine and the weeds you’d be most interested in controlling.

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Evening Tom , I have a MF 7274 which is 15yrs old, not that it would have enough Hp . I could see this being use full to kill any grains coming over the straw as well as weed seed . reduce the green bridge and competition for the following crop. Keep me in the loop with every thing going on ,regards Charles

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