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Here you can find content shared by some of the NCS Project partners. This content includes podcasts, farmer stories, new data and a deeper look into the science.

At the 4th International Legume Society Meeting in Granada September 19th to 22nd, JHI shared a poster detailing long-term legume-based cropped systems for Ecological Intensification. Click here to see the full poster.

Through this, JHI were invited to talk on Good Morning Scotland – you can listen to this piece with Pete Iannetta here.

Trials conducted back in 2015 and 2016 explored a range of opportunities for boosting the protein content of the wholecrop cereal silage the Flemings have always grown to provide extra winter fodder and a productive crop under which to establish new grass leys. Of the six mixtures trialled in the first year, spring barley and peas proved the most productive, yielding 7.4 tonnes DM/ha at 13% protein for a cost of 17p/kg of protein. In 2016, spring barley and yellow lupins took top spot with 9.2 t DM/ha at 12% protein for a cost of 15p/kg.

Read the full case study here.

With the roasting and dehulling trials commencing in mid – October. The beans harvested last month were collected from G Mellor & Partners and are being stored whilst preparations continue at the trail site. The JK Machinery and Mecmar processing equipment is ready for installation and the trail is due to be completed in early November.

Norfolk arable farmer, Charlie Davison, has rented parts of his 620-acre farm to carrot growers for many years. The crop provides a useful break from the winter wheat he grows for milling and seed on Game Farm in West Bilney, near Kings Lynn.

Read the full article here.

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